Business Owner Plans to Retire, Open New Business with $25,000 Pick 5 Winnings

Purchased lucky ticket in March 10 drawing

Our latest Pick 5 winner, who is keeping his $25,000 prize a secret, has retirement on his mind along with a dream of opening another business.

The Baltimore resident placed a 50-cent straight bet on lucky numbers 2, 9, 8, 5 and 3 for the March 10 afternoon and evening drawings while visiting a Baltimore liquor store.

The area business owner is a daily Lottery player who has played since the Lottery began selling fun and games. A couple of his favorite games include Pick 3, Pick 4 and Keno. He plays the same numbers in different variations for about a week and, if those numbers don’t hit, the 66-year-old will start playing a new set of numbers.

This is far from his first win, noted the lucky player, who reports that he won $5,000 six or seven times in 2021.

He plans to retire next year and use his Lottery winnings to open another business. Also, he’s keeping his prize and his plans a secret from everyone except the two people that he already told.

His lucky Lottery retailer is A & B Liquors at 523 West Lexington Street in Baltimore City. For its role in the lucky sale, the store earns a bonus of $250 from the Lottery.