Calm and Excited: A Tale of Two Spouses Winning $50,000

An Elkridge husband and wife celebrate their $50,000 Powerball win.

Elkridge husband and wife claim third-tier Powerball prize

For years, his wife had been telling him that he was throwing his money away by playing the Lottery, but that all changed when the husband won $50,000 on a Powerball ticket earlier this month.

The Elkridge couple came to Lottery headquarters on Nov. 22 to claim the prize, and the wife told Lottery officials, “He’s not as excited about his money as I am.” Which isn’t to say the winner, who is going by the nickname “Instructor” to tell his winning tale, is not excited, he’s just not as vocal about it as his wife.

“Instructor”, who plays the Lottery around five times per month, sticks exclusively with the multi-state jackpot games Powerball and Mega Millions. Meanwhile, his wife explained that although she never plays, her dad was a Lottery enthusiast. She went on to say, “I’m really tickled,” and that her dad would be similarly pleased were he around to share the experience with them.

Asked if he had any plans for the money, the winner replied, “Not yet.”

“Save for retirement,” his wife offered, adding, “I want to go to Greece!”

Typically, when he plays, “Instructor” ends up waiting a week or more before checking his tickets, but in this case, he won on the Nov. 18 drawing and checked the tickets the next day at his usual place of purchase, Lyndwood Exxon at 6070 Marshalee Drive in Elkridge.

“It was a pleasant surprise. Better than the usual, ‘Sorry, not a winner’ message,” he said.

Both are in agreement that they will keep the win a secret, as they haven’t revealed the news to anyone.