Clear Spring Man Follows Instincts, Wins First Lucky Riches’ Top Prize

Maurice Sumpter of Clear Spring becomes the first top-prize winner in the new Lucky Riches game.

Washington County resident plans to buy a house with his windfall

Maurice Sumpter of Clear Spring follows his instincts when it comes to playing the Lottery. His strategy paid off recently when he won $50,000 on the new Lucky Riches scratch-off.

The Washington County resident found his Lottery luck at Sheetz #184, where he went to buy propane. His intuition led to his additional purchase of four scratch-offs.

When he got outside, it was raining so Maurice sat in his car and checked his scratch-offs for prizes. He still had a feeling that he had a winning game, but the first three instant tickets were non-winners. He found his lucky riches on his last instant ticket and became the first in Maryland to claim one of the game’s eight $50,000 top prizes.

“I went with my instincts. Then, when I saw that I won, I couldn’t believe it was real,” he said.

The 61-year-old plans to use his prize to purchase a house. Maurice is a cook and a server in Pennsylvania who simply loves his occupation. “I enjoy the job and the people. I love to be around people,” he said.

Maurice also likes to draw for a hobby and is happy that he drew up a nice $50,000 prize. “I am very grateful,” he said of the win.

Sheetz #184 in Hagerstown is lucky, too. For selling a $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off, the Washington County retailer located at 12404 Lager Avenue will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.

The $5 Lucky Riches game kicked off on Feb. 20. The game is packed with prizes ranging from $5 to $50,000