Delaware Woman Wins $50,004 on Powerball Ticket Bought in Maryland

Home repairs are in the works, and dinner featuring crab is on the menu

Sometimes she buys lottery tickets in Delaware. Sometimes she’s out and about in Maryland and buys tickets on the Eastern Shore. And sometimes she gives her son money and he buys Maryland Lottery tickets for her when he’s on his way to or from work in Montgomery County.

The third method proved to be the successful strategy for a long-retired woman from the lower Delaware community of Selbyville who won $50,004 on a Powerball ticket purchased about 150 miles away in the DC suburb of Clarksburg on Maryland’s Western Shore.

A big Powerball jackpot, $1.765 billion, got her attention, so she gave her son money to buy a series of tickets for her for the Oct. 11 drawing. A player in California hit for the top prize (which has yet to be claimed). Meanwhile, the Selbyville player matched four of five regular balls plus the Powerball for a third-tier prize of $50,000 (plus a $4 match on another of her combinations).

In her time playing, she’s only won a few dollars, but her son is a fan of the game Bonus Match 5 and can claim to have hit for $400 a few times, which is enough to keep it fun for him.

The winner is making some upgrades to her home, so the $50,000 will come handy for settling up a few of those bills. A life-long fan of Maryland crabs, she said she also plans to enjoy a celebratory crab cake dinner. All don

“I love crabs,” she said.

The hot ticket was purchased at the Harris Teeter #409 grocery store at 22700 Sweet Shrub Drive in Clarksburg.