District Heights Woman Thanking Uncle’s Luck for $100,000 Mega 7s Win

A sprinkling of Lottery luck gave this District Heights woman a $100,000 top-prize Mega 7s win.

“La Femme” also won $290 in Pick 3 game

A District Heights resident who decided to try a Mega 7s “scratch ‘em” is still thanking her scratch-off loving uncle for “sprinkling a little luck” over her. She just won a $100,000 top prize on the $10 oversized game.

The anonymous winner, who is calling herself “La Femme” for Lottery publicity, said that her uncle is a huge Lottery fan. In fact, he once tricked her into driving him to another state just to purchase instant tickets because he said that specific retailer had “good scratch ‘ems.”

The lucky retailer that gave “La Femme” her big win is Dodge City Market in District Heights. The 64-year-old, who is no stranger to scratch-offs and Pick 3 games, got started on her path to the big win with a $290 prize on a Pick 3 ticket she bought about two weeks ago.

Inspired by her Pick 3 luck, the Prince George’s County resident stopped at Dodge City Market to try her luck.  She follows a specific routine when playing instant tickets. First, “La Femme” scratches off the game to reveal the winning numbers to match. From there, she goes line by line to look for matches until she has scratched off the entire instant ticket. She likes to fully scratch off each game, the player said, to make sure that she doesn’t miss anything.

The oversized $10 Mega 7s instant ticket offered extended fun because it features four games: Sapphire 7s, Emerald 7s, Ruby 7s and Diamond 7s. Her favorite Mega 7s game is Ruby 7s, which happened to deliver the big prize. The lucky lady showed her appreciation by sporting a red turtleneck to the Lottery Winner’s Circle.

So far, in addition to her husband, “La Femme” says that she has only told a few family members about her big win. The Transportation Security Administration employee, who said she plans to retire soon, will use her prize to pay bills and debts. She wants to get all of those out of the way so that she and her husband can relax in retirement.

Also with reason to celebrate is her lucky Lottery retailer, which is located at 7409 Marlboro Pike in District Heights. The Prince George’s County business will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling “La Femme” her $100,000 top-prize winning instant ticket.