Factory Worker Finds $25,003.50 Win Trying Keno to Go

Baltimore Keno novice places 10-spot wager for big win

He’s 100% a scratch-off man, a Baltimore resident told Lottery officials on Monday. He loves everything about them and wins frequently enough that nothing could change his mind about his game of choice — except something did.  And, boy, is he happy about his $25,003.50 win!

“I was with my friends after work and we stopped at a Speedy Mart to get a drink,” said the 27-year-old factory employee. “I saw a woman buy a Keno To Go ticket and something told me to get one for myself.”

He went so far as to pick out 10 Keno numbers for his ticket, too, although he couldn’t explain why. The novice Keno player bought a 20-game ticket for $5 and sat back to watch. “My friends were ready to go but I made them wait with me. I had a feeling something might happen.”

The group didn’t have to wait long. “Even though I had a good feeling, I was surprised to see so many of my numbers appear. My friends were, too.” All in all, there were enough matches to possibly deliver a $25 prize, according to a friend who had played Keno before. “He didn’t sound too sure, so I scanned the ticket. That’s how I knew it was a big winner.”

Our Keno To Go winner and his wife have no plans yet for their $25,003.50 prize beyond adding it to their savings account. His lucky Lottery retailer, Speedy Mart located at 3815 Hollins Ferry Road in Halethorpe, will receive a $250 bonus from the Lottery for selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 or more. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.

Keno To Go allows purchases of games for 25 cents each and the chance to win up to $25,000. Players choose from 20-, 40-, 60-, 80- or 100-game packages.