Flooded Basement Can’t Dampen Racetrax Winner’s Spirit

A longshot Trifecta Box wager wins Fort Washington’s “Retired Firefighter” a $31,454 Racetrax prize.

‘Retired Firefighter’ wins $31,454 prize on longshot wager

A flooded basement can ruin anyone’s day, but the opposite happened to the Lottery’s latest Racetrax winner. While seeking shelter from the dust and chaos of the repairs, a Prince George’s County man turned his frown around with a longshot Racetrax Trifecta wager. That lucky bet paid off to the tune of $31,454.

The “Retired Firefighter” from Fort Washington told the story of his turnaround to Lottery officials last week.

“There was a big storm and my sump pump went out. The basement flooded and everything down there got soaked,” he said. “I needed a break, so I went out to play Racetrax.”

While at Royal Food Mart in Fort Washington, “Retired Firefighter” purchased his regular long-shot combinations including a Trifecta Box bet on horses 10, 11 and 12. He watched as race results played out on the store monitor. Soon after one special race started, “Retired Firefighter” saw something amazing happening on the screen as the horses he had picked thundered toward the finish.

“The last horse I needed broke away from the pack and came in for the finish. I was so excited I was jumping up and down in the store,” he recalled.

According to the winner, the $31,454 prize occurred just days before the anniversary of his retirement from a fire department. “Retired Firefighter” said the windfall would help cover the basement repair costs, pay a few debts and even finance a family vacation.