Laurel Pair Plans More Powerball Pursuits After $50,000 Win

Double Play drawing delivers third-tier prize

A husband and wife team from Laurel just won $50,000 playing Powerball Double Play with the Maryland Lottery. Asked what they’re going to do next, they say they will keep on playing!

“We just play for the fun of it. We enjoy it,” the wife said while the two claimed their winnings at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

They bought a quick-pick ticket for three drawings and added the Double Play option. This $1 feature uses the ticket’s numbers from the regular drawing in a second drawing that follows 30 minutes after the regular drawing. Their ticket won in the Nov. 12 Double Play drawing. Double Play gives you the chance to win up to $10 million!

The winners have no spending or celebration plans yet for the money. They just want to keep playing.

“We play all the time,” the two said in unison, noting that they indulge in Mega Millions, Cash4Life and scratch-offs, in addition to Powerball. Typically, each Sunday, they go to a store and pick up their draw game tickets for the week ahead. Periodically throughout the week, the husband picks up an occasional scratch-off or sometimes three instant tickets.

While this is the biggest prize the two have won, they scored $8,888 a few years back on a scratch-off with a Chinese New Year theme. They’ve also won smaller prizes.

The two bought the winning Powerball Double Play ticket at Laurel Liquors, located at 420 Sandy Spring Road in Laurel.