Lucky Pick 4 Combination Pays $52,000 for Longtime Parkville Player

“Grimmas” and “Grimmette” of Parkville will have extra money to spend on their wedding this year, thanks to his $52,000 win playing multiple Pick 4 tickets, straight and boxed.

Soon-to-be groom played his numbers straight and boxed, 10 times each

Starting in 2013, a Parkville man started playing 7-0-3-8 boxed and straight in the twice-daily Pick 4 game and on Jan. 30, saw his loyalty pay off. He played the number straight 10 times to win $50,000 and another 10 boxed for $2,000. What a Pick 4 prize!

Going by the nickname “Grimmas,” which he has had since 1989, the happy man shared the story of his big win. In 2013, “Grimmas” decided to improve his credit score. He set up a bank account and opened three credit card accounts. Then, the Baltimore County resident noticed the last four digits for all three credit cards were the same: 7-0-3-8. Initially, he thought the coincidence might be for tracking purposes but a bank employee he asked about it commented, “That’s weird.”

“Grimmas” decided they must be his lucky numbers.

The 45-year-old recalls playing the four digits when he was feeling lucky. Over the years, he picked up occasional wins on the boxed tickets. In 2017, however, on a day when he didn’t play, the digits came out straight.

“I lost my cool a little bit,” he said. “Grimmas” started playing the digits again. When he realized he won $52,000 on the tickets, the happy man ran down the steps of the house he shares with his fiancée, who is going by the nickname “Grimmette.”

“My fiancée and I are very excited,” said “Grimmas.” The two plan to wed later this year and will use the windfall to help pay for their nuptials. They also plan to pay off a few bills.

The site of his big win was Baltimore County Lottery retailer 8 Days A Week Liquors, which is located at 1700 Taylor Avenue in Parkville.