Mechanic Plays Former ZIP Code to Win $50,000 Pick 5 Prize

Childhood memory leads to lucky win in evening drawing

He tries his luck fairly often, a Prince George’s County man told Lottery officials. Whether it’s buying Lottery tickets or visiting a casino, the New Carrollton resident enjoys imagining the possibilities should a big prize come his way. Last week, imagination became reality, thanks to the $50,000 Pick 5 prize he collected.

“I’ve had plenty of wins over the years, even big ones,” the mechanic explained, “mostly at the casino, and the biggest was $1,500.” The $2 Pick 5 ticket he purchased on Feb. 5 has raised the bar considerably. The number combination he played that day at the A-1 Laundromat in Riverdale is one that he often uses – the ZIP code of his childhood home: 20783. He placed a $1 straight bet for the midday and evening drawings.

When he saw the familiar numbers appear in the Feb. 5 evening drawing on the Lottery website, the loyal player first scrambled to make sure that he’d bought a ticket for that day. “I almost always play this number, but every once in a while, I get too busy to stop at a Lottery store. I wanted the ticket in my hand before I let myself celebrate.”

The lucky player plans to pay bills with some of his $50,000 prize and set plenty aside to share with his family. He also intends to make his lucky laundromat at 6818 Riverdale Road a frequent destination, no matter how busy life gets. He added, “Can you imagine if that had been the one day I didn’t play my numbers?”

His lucky laundromat also benefits from selling the $50,000 winning Pick 5 ticket. The Lottery will give the retailer a $500 bonus for its role in the big win.