Night of Fun and Games Leads to $50,000 Scratch-off Win

A St. Mary’s County banker, Kimberly Shaw and her husband Colby, add $50,000 to their bank account after playing the $30 Cash is King scratch-off.

St. Mary’s County banker counts up big win on the $30 Cash is King ticket

A St. Mary’s County woman is counting up her own coins after winning a $50,000 prize playing the $30 Cash is King scratch-off game. Kimberly Shaw won the big prize while having a fun night with her husband, Colby, playing games at the Moose Lodge #495 in Mechanicsville.

Kimberly and Colby were playing games at the lodge on Tuesday evening when she decided to buy a $20 FAST PLAY ticket from the Lottery Vending Machine and won $40. Feeling a bit lucky, she used the $40 and purchased another FAST PLAY ticket and a scratch-off game. She was pleasantly surprised to then cash in $90. Now, she had a decision to make – should she pocket her $90 or use it to play more games.

“I said to myself, ‘who puts $90 in a Lottery machine’,” said the lucky lady. “But, I did anyway, asking my husband what should I play.”

“I told her to get a $30 game and mix up the rest,” said Colby.

Heeding her husband’s advice, Kimberly did just that. Among her variety of games was one $30 Cash is King scratch-off. She scratched it there at the lodge.

“The first number I scratched was a match for $5,000,” said Kimberly. “My heart sunk and I held the ticket to my chest.”

She whispered to her husband that she just won $5,000. But, she had more ticket to scratch. She then revealed another $5,000 and then a symbol for a $10,000 win, totaling $20,000. Kimberly thought it was a joke, but she still had more game to play. That’s when Colby grabbed the ticket to scan it only to find out it was not a $20,000, but a $50,000 win.

“I had to scan it twice,” said Colby. “I thought there’s no way.”

And when the bartender told them it was too much to cash there, the couple knew it was real. Kimberly signed the back of the ticket and the couple quietly left the lodge and headed home.

The mother of two teenagers called to share the news with her teens, who were vacationing with their grandmother. They thought it also was a joke, but one of her teens reminded her that she recently had a birthday. Hint, hint.

Kimberly and her husband Colby wasted no time claiming the prize. They headed to Lottery Headquarters the very next day. She told Lottery Officials that she has no immediate plans for the $50,000 win.

The $30 Cash is King scratch-off that launched in September of last year has a top prize of $2 million. There are two of those remaining. There are three $50,000 and four $10,000 prizes left on the game along with many more prizes ranging from $30 to $5,000.