Old Address Brings New Cash to Baltimore Mechanic

Everyday Pick 5 player wins $50,000 prize  

There are two things a 53-year-old Baltimore County man does just about every day. He works on trucks and plays the Lottery. The latest $50,000 Pick 5 top-prize winner gives all the credit for the win to his memory.

The winner’s original Pick 5 combination hadn’t been winning, so he was stumped as to what to play when good luck arrived.

“I was in the store to get my daily tickets when I decided to try a new Pick 5 number,” he explained. “I heard a woman in line ahead of me say that she used her old street address for her tickets. That sounded like a good idea.”

Another obstacle then appeared – he couldn’t remember his previous address. “I hadn’t lived there in many years, so it didn’t come to mind quickly.” At the last moment, though, his memory came through for him – 23504.

The truck mechanic learned of his $50,000 worth of good fortune soon after the evening drawing on August 10 by checking the Lottery’s website. “I was very surprised. I thought about my decision to change numbers and that lady in line. It really was hard to believe.”

The Baltimore man told us that ever since his big win that he has added one more constant to his daily routine – Red Sea Petroleum, the gas station that sold his lucky Pick 5 ticket.  His new favorite Lottery retailer, which is located at 101 W. Patapsco Avenue, received a $500 bonus for its role in the $50,000 transaction.