Pick 4 Delivers $25,000 in Total Prizes to Baltimore Mail Carrier

Wins big, thanks to 10 duplicate tickets

So many things about his workday change so frequently, a U.S. Postal Service employee from Baltimore told Lottery officials. The types of packages he delivers, the weather he deals with, the care he has to exercise with barking dogs are ever-changing factors. The only two things that never change are his two Pick 4 number combinations.

“I always stick with these two sets of numbers,” said the 59-year-old. “I play them because I truly believe they’ll hit. I believe it so much that I always buy several (tickets) of the exact same number.” He employed this strategy on the way to work on Tuesday, purchasing 10 duplicate tickets using his now-favorite Pick 4 combination, 6-2-8-8.

“A friend who knows the numbers I play called while I was working my route to tell me they’d come out,” he said with a $25,000 smile. A 50-cent Pick 4 ticket matching four numbers correctly merits a $2,500 prize.  Having 10 tickets augments that prize to $25,000. “After hearing that, man, did I have a great afternoon!”

The Baltimore City resident plans to take care of a few bills with his prize and then share his winnings with family members and his church. “I always preach that people should be smart and generous with money. That’s what I intend to do.”

Along with his unique style of play, our Pick 4 winner can thank the retailer who sold him his 10 lucky tickets. The retailer was International Food Market at 8722 Town and Country Boulevard in Ellicott City.