Pick 5 Winner from Suitland Says Timing of $25,000 Win is Ideal

Work hiatus on horizon, extra money will come in handy

A Suitland man who hadn’t been playing the Maryland Lottery as regularly as he once did just got back into the swing of things in a big way. He bought a Pick 5 ticket and won $25,000 on a 50-cent straight bet.

“Now, I’m really going to have to get back into it,” he said of playing Lottery games.

The Prince George’s County man said he’s won in the past, “but not like this.” The 42-year-old said his previous prizes were for three-digit totals.

The timing of the $25,000 win is ideal for practical reasons, he said. The winner plans to settle a few bills and then put the rest away for an impending work hiatus. “It’ll be good to tide me over,” he said.

Sharing in his good fortune is Silver Hill Exxon at 5921 Marlboro Pike in District Heights. The Prince George’s County business receives a bonus of $250 for selling a winning Pick 5 ticket worth $25,000. The Pick 5 game has delivered 62 $25,000 prizes to players since the game began in February.