‘Pinky Player’ of Odenton Picks Pink Game, Wins Plenty of Green

Anne Arundel County’s “Pinky Player” picked the pink $100,000 Extreme Cash scratch-off and won its top prize.

Finds $100,000 top prize on $100,000 Extreme Cash scratch-off

A 54-year-old scratch-off enthusiast picked a popular $30 game because of its vivid pink color and won lots of green when the scratch-off revealed a $100,000 top prize. Calling herself “Pinky Player,” the winner said she was doing laundry early on a Saturday morning and decided to play the very pink scratch-off, $100,000 Extreme Cash, to kill time while her clothes were drying.

The vibrant color of the instant ticket wasn’t the only reason “Pinky Player” decided to grab that game at Rieve’s Deli in Odenton. The Anne Arundel County woman told Lottery officials that she has had some decent luck playing the game recently.

“I won $1,500 total on three cards before,” she said, “so when I went into the deli, I asked them for that pink game.”

“Pinky Player” purchased several of the $30 instant tickets from the deli and played them while waiting for the dryer to finish. After scratching off the third game and scanning it with the Lottery app on her smartphone, the Odenton resident saw a message that she could not believe. It said, “Congratulations, $100,000 Winner.”

“I didn’t even notice that I matched one of the winning numbers,” she said, smiling. “I had to clean my glasses and take another look.”

The message was crystal clear when she looked at the scratch-off closely. “Pinky Player” took a screen shot of the winning message on her phone, finished her laundry and ran home to share the news with her mother and son.

“He was asleep and I shook him so hard to get him up,” she said. “He said, ‘Mom, you did it!’”

The lucky player then shared her great news with her mother. The trio then sat around talking about what to do with the winnings. They decided she should pay off bills and debt, the winner said. “And, whatever is left, will go in the bank.”

The $100,000 Extreme Cash game went on sale in 2020 with 64 $100,000 top prizes. The game now has 15 top prizes remaining, along with nine $5,000 prizes and more than 168,000 prizes ranging from $30 to $500.

The Anne Arundel County Lottery retailer that sold the lucky scratch-off also has reason to celebrate. Rieve’s Deli, located at 8374 Piney Orchard Parkway in Odenton, received a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.