Powerball Delivers $1 Million Payday to Baltimore County Player

Catonsville man misses jackpot by one number

A Lottery fan who enjoys playing many of the Lottery’s games and indulges in them often was chasing the historic $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot on Nov. 7 when a lucky ticket came his way. Although the Catonsville resident missed the jackpot by one number, he did win a $1 million second-tier prize.

He made sure to stop at numerous retailers to buy tickets for the Nov. 7 drawing, hoping to spread his luck around. One of his stops was at One Mile Liquor in Catonsville, where he purchased a handful of Powerball tickets and some other Lottery games. He recalls putting his tickets away because his wife would check them later. The following week, she scanned the tickets and was surprised to see a bunch of zeros pop up on one of them.

“She came home and told me what she saw,” said the big winner. “She said, “I think you should check this ticket.’”

The father of two and grandfather of six took a look at the $2 quick-pick ticket and went straight to the Lottery’s website to check his numbers. Sure enough, he had matched the five white balls but missed the red Powerball, making him a $1 million winner. He was one of 23 $1 million U.S. winners in the drawing, which saw a California player hit the jackpot.

“I sure wish I had that Powerball number,” the airport shuttle bus driver told Lottery officials. “But, don’t get me wrong, I am very happy.”

The Baltimore County man has several plans for the prize. He intends to make some home improvements, spend a little of his newfound fortune and invest the rest.

His lucky retailer, One Mile Liquor, has reason to celebrate, too. The Baltimore County business located at 6600 Baltimore National Pike will receive a $2,500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a ticket that carried a second-tier Powerball prize.