Powerball Double Play Drawing Gives Severn Man a $500,000 Prize

Takes home second-tier prize in July 17 drawing

A 59-year-old Anne Arundel County resident is $500,000 richer after winning a Powerball Double Play prize in the July 17 drawing. The lucky player was chasing the rolling Powerball jackpot, which was set for $900,000 that night, and added both Power Play and Double Play to his $20 ticket. He missed the jackpot in the regular drawing but took home the second-tier win in the Double Play drawing.

Double Play is a second drawing that takes place about 30 minutes after the Powerball drawing. Players can add Double Play to their tickets for an additional $1. Adding the Double Play option allows players to receive one set of numbers for both the regular draw and the Double Play draw. Double Play has a top prize of $10 million and a second-tier $500,000 prize.

His winning story begins when the Lottery player, who works in law enforcement, was traveling home from work. The Severn resident stopped at Westway Liquors in Catonsville to purchase some of his favorite games, including Powerball because the jackpot was so high. Using his own numbers, he played a five-line $20 ticket with Power Play and Double Play.

“I have special numbers that I have been playing for years,” said the married father. “My Lottery slips are already filled out and ready to go.”

Checking his tickets the next day, the loyal player realized he didn’t hit the Powerball jackpot, but he did match five of the numbers from the Double Play drawing. When the winning message popped up with the big prize, the lucky player was excited, but kept his happiness to himself.

“Don’t get me wrong, I was happy,” said the winner, smiling. “But I wanted to be discreet.”

The overwhelmed player had to leave work early to pull himself together. Once home, he made an appointment at Lottery headquarters to claim his prize but did not yet share the good news with anyone. The winner told Lottery officials that he plans to pay some bills with the prize and share some of the windfall with his family.

Also celebrating the win is Westway Liquors located at 5312 Edmondson Avenue. The Baltimore County retailer will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling the second-tier Powerball Double Play winning ticket.