Racetrax Newby from Hagerstown Takes Home $18,099 Prize

Lucky Western Maryland man wins with Trifecta bet

A Washington County resident who typically plays scratch-offs found his fortune in a Racetrax wager. His Trifecta bet and a 20-draw ticket gave the lucky winner an $18,099 prize.

The 44-year-old bought his $20 ticket at Northgate Plaza Shell in Silver Spring. He selected the 9, 12 and 10 horses in a Trifecta wager and the trio crossed the finish line in perfect order in the 11th race.

The Western Maryland resident has worked as a glass installer for the past four years. As for his plans for the prize, the Hagerstown man said he is still considering his options.

Northgate Plaza Shell located at 13990 Georgia Avenue in Montgomery County also wins because of its lucky sale. The business will receive a $180.99 bonus from the Lottery for its role in selling a winning Racetrax ticket worth $18,099.