Scratch-off Gives Baltimore Woman Second $50,000 Lottery Prize

This Baltimore City resident continues to enjoy Lottery luck, winning $50,000 on a scratch-off.

Claimed top prize playing Bonus Match 5 in 2018

An East Baltimore woman has benefited from Lottery luck for a second time in a big way, winning $50,000 on an Ultimate Cash scratch-off. This is five years after she won her first $50,000 prize playing Bonus Match 5 in December 2018.

“People say I have got a horse shoe,” the 52-year-old said, laughing.

She is calling herself the “Scratch-off Queen” because she is a fan of instant tickets. The loyal player bought the winning scratch-off at Royal Farms #001 located at 2620 Mountain Road in Joppa. Later, “Scratch-off Queen” scanned the $10 game using the Lottery app on her phone and received a message to go to a Lottery retailer. She recalls being happy because she knew she won a big prize but confused about the amount. A visit to a Lottery retailer cleared up that question! She won the game’s second-tier prize.

Family members and friends did not believe she won in 2018 and many of them did not believe that Lottery luck could strike twice for her. She has no advice for them. “It is just my luck,” explained “Scratch-off Queen.”

As for how she will spend her $50,000 prize, the winner said, “I have no bills. It is all going into savings.” She added that she will probably give some funds to her adult children.

“Scratch-off Queen” is the second $50,000 prize winner since the $10 Ultimate Cash game began on June 19, 2023. All eight top prizes of $100,000 are still unclaimed. There are also many prizes remaining ranging from $10 to $10,000.