St. Mary’s County Navy Retiree Investing $100,000 Scratch-off Prize

“Old Devil Doc” was playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs in Lexington Park when he won $100,000.

‘Old Devil Doc’ scores big win on Bingo X10 game

He enjoys playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs that offer prizes totaling six digits or more, so when the retired U.S. Navy man claimed a prize Aug. 9 at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore, it was for a substantial sum: $100,000!

The loyal player sets money aside for recreation, using only those funds to enjoy his Lottery hobby and sticking to a strict limit.

“I hit different stores and buy different tickets,” said the St. Mary’s County resident, who is going by the nickname “Old Devil Doc” for purposes of telling the story of his win. The name derives from his time as a Navy medical corpsman, and is an honorary title for people in that profession because even as they are administering medical care they may be actively fighting the enemy.

“The Marines will recognize it,” he said.

On the occasion of his win, “Old Devil Doc” was buying scratch-offs at Great Mills Citgo gas station at 21265 Great Mills Road in Lexington Park. The shop has a Lottery self-serve vending machine as well as offering counter sales from a clerk. “Old Devil Doc” bought a few instant tickets from the clerk to keep his selection private from another customer, who was buying games from the machine. After he scratched off a few instant tickets, the 62-year-old took one of them over to the machine to check for a win.

“I scanned it, did a double-take, scanned it again and left quietly,” he said. That lucky instant ticket was a member of the fifth edition of the $10 Bingo X10 game.

Excited and happy about his big win, “Old Devil Doc,” says he will most likely invest the $100,000 top prize. At the time of his Lottery interview, however, that remained up in the air. He was first planning to surprise his wife with news of his Lottery luck.

He is not the only person with reason to celebrate. For selling a top-tier winning scratch-off, the Lottery will give the management of Great Mills Citgo a bonus of $1,000, equal to 1% of the prize. The Bingo X10 game went on sale in June. “Old Devil Doc” found the first of its seven $100,000 top prizes.