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$129,198 Chili Pepper Payout Win Leads to Dream Canadian Train Trip

Delaware winner starts plans on vacation getaway A Townsend, Delaware resident visiting Maryland bought a winning FAST PLAY progressive jackpot ticket that will finance the trip of his dreams. He won $129,198! The 78-year-old world traveler, who calls himself “Lucky Gamer,” told Lottery officials something compelled him to buy the FAST PLAY Chili Pepper Payout […]

The Week in Winners: $250,000 Scratch-off in Mount Rainier, $129,198 FAST PLAY Ticket in Elkton are Lottery’s Top Prizes of the Week

Prizes totaling more than $31.6 million won or claimed during the week ending May 30 A scratch-off ticket worth $250,000 sold in Mount Rainier, a FAST PLAY ticket with a progressive jackpot prize of $129,198 sold in Elkton and two scratch-offs worth $100,000 each sold in Rosedale and Capitol Heights were the Maryland Lottery’s biggest [...]

The Week in Winners: $2.75 Million Multi-Match Jackpot in Owings Mills Highlights the Week

Players won or claimed $32.4 million during the week ending Feb. 7 In a week that saw a Maryland Lottery player in Owings Mills hit the Multi-Match jackpot for $2.75 million, there were also big prizes won in Baltimore ($100,000) and Elkton ($68,940). The Multi-Match jackpot remained unclaimed as of Feb. 8. Four additional prizes [...]