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The Week in Winners: $10 Million Powerball Double Play Prize in Rockville is Week’s Top Win

Seven other tickets win six-digit prizes as nearly $39.9 million won or claimed during the week ending Oct. 3 A $10 million Powerball Double Play win in Rockville was by far the biggest Maryland Lottery prize of the week ending Oct. 3, but there were dozens of other big winners, including seven prizes of $100,000 [...]

Westminster Retailer Sells $102,632 Progressive Jackpot-Winning FAST PLAY Ticket

Chili Pepper Payout game has final progressive jackpot winner A Carroll County shopper bagged the last progressive jackpot-winning ticket in the FAST PLAY Chili Pepper Payout game today, which carried a $102,632 prize. The lucky player bought the winning $5 ticket at BJ’s Wholesale Club #131 located at 820 Market Street in Westminster. This was the […]

$129,198 Chili Pepper Payout Win Leads to Dream Canadian Train Trip

Delaware winner starts plans on vacation getaway A Townsend, Delaware resident visiting Maryland bought a winning FAST PLAY progressive jackpot ticket that will finance the trip of his dreams. He won $129,198! The 78-year-old world traveler, who calls himself “Lucky Gamer,” told Lottery officials something compelled him to buy the FAST PLAY Chili Pepper Payout […]

The Week in Winners: $250,000 Scratch-off in Mount Rainier, $129,198 FAST PLAY Ticket in Elkton are Lottery’s Top Prizes of the Week

Prizes totaling more than $31.6 million won or claimed during the week ending May 30 A scratch-off ticket worth $250,000 sold in Mount Rainier, a FAST PLAY ticket with a progressive jackpot prize of $129,198 sold in Elkton and two scratch-offs worth $100,000 each sold in Rosedale and Capitol Heights were the Maryland Lottery’s biggest [...]

The Week in Winners: $2.75 Million Multi-Match Jackpot in Owings Mills Highlights the Week

Players won or claimed $32.4 million during the week ending Feb. 7 In a week that saw a Maryland Lottery player in Owings Mills hit the Multi-Match jackpot for $2.75 million, there were also big prizes won in Baltimore ($100,000) and Elkton ($68,940). The Multi-Match jackpot remained unclaimed as of Feb. 8. Four additional prizes [...]