Tax Accountant Eyes Retirement after $75,000 Combined Pick 5 Win

Montgomery County resident claims prizes from 50-cent and $1 straight bets

A Silver Spring man working as a tax accountant for 30 years can bid his clients farewell sooner than he ever thought possible.  Retirement is looking more likely this year after he won a combined $75,000 on two Pick 5 tickets.

The 73-year-old found good fortune waiting at Wheaton Winery in Silver Spring, where he frequently buys Lottery games. He’s no stranger to the new Pick 5 game that joined the Lottery lineup on Feb. 7. This time, however, he selected numbers from a random license plate. The lucky winner was so confident about his number selection that he placed two separate bets using the digits. A 50-cent straight bet in the Feb. 24 midday drawing earned a $25,000 prize and the $1 straight bet earned a  $50,000 prize.

“I was shocked,” said the future retiree, who discovered his lucky win later that day. He shared his great news with his wife and daughter, who also are excited about his double win.

The $75,000 in prizes has the loyal player thinking about selling his practice as well as retiring. His first order of business, however, is buying his wife a new car with some of the prize.

Also happy with his win is Montgomery County’s Wheaton Winery, which is located at 2211 University Boulevard. The Lottery retailer will receive a $500 bonus for its role in selling the $50,000-winning Pick 5 ticket plus a $250 bonus from the Lottery for selling the $25,000-winning ticket.