Upper Marlboro Mom Finds $100,000 Win on Popular Game

Claims top prize on $100,000 Lucky scratch-off

Packed with 65 $100,000 top prizes when it went on sale last fall, the $100,000 Lucky scratch-off was sure to create big winner after big winner. One of the lucky players to snag the game’s top prize is a 58-year-old Prince George’s County woman.

The federal government employee enjoys playing scratch-offs. She typically plays $10 and $20 instant tickets but changed her routine on a whim last Sunday. While picking up a few items at 7-Eleven #38540 in Capitol Heights, she chose the $30 $100,000 Lucky scratch-off.

“I just looked at the ticket and said, ‘I’m going to try this one,’ ” said the top-prize winner.

The lucky lady purchased her items and the scratch-off and played the instant ticket while she was still in the store. She thought she saw a $100,000 prize but scanned the instant ticket to be sure.

“The message said to see the Lottery,” she exclaimed, recalling the winning moment. “Lord have mercy, this can’t be true!”

She was still in shock and asked the cashier to check the scratch-off again for a win. The store employee confirmed that the lucky player was holding a $100,000-winning instant ticket.

Excited to share her great news, the single mother returned to her car and called her adult daughter and one other family member. She then headed home and went online to see how to claim her $100,000 prize. She saw that she needed to make an appointment, which she did, and claimed the prize this week at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. She hasn’t decided yet what to do with her prize.

Also celebrating her big win is the 7-Eleven. The store located at 6620 Walker Mill Road in Capitol Heights receives a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.

The $100,000 Lucky game still has 51 $100,000 top prizes remaining along with 33 unclaimed $5,000 prizes and more than a million others ranging from $30 to $500.