Visiting New Jersey Nurse Finds Lottery Luck in Maryland

$100,000 top-prize scratch-off win leaves her shocked 

A New Jersey woman visiting friends in Baltimore got the surprise of her life earlier this month. The Lottery non-believer followed the advice of her host and returned home $100,000 richer.

“I’ve long ago given up on Lottery tickets,” the Edison, New Jersey resident told Lottery officials last week, adding, “any kind of gambling, really. I’ve learned that it’s just not for me. I just don’t have that kind of luck.” Her Baltimore friend put that belief to the test when they stopped by Lombard Liquor & Bar in Baltimore to pick up a bottle of wine.

“He suggested I try a scratch-off ticket, so I picked this Show Me $100,000! game at random. I never would have bought it on my own.” Scratching off the $10 instant ticket there in the store, the out-of-towner saw her prize and found herself frozen. “Everything just shut down. I couldn’t move or talk for a minute. It was crazy.”

The Show Me $100,000! game debuted in May with seven $100,000 top prizes. Two remain. Three of the game’s five $50,000 second-tier prizes are also available.

Our 28-year-old winner, who is a nurse, will use her $100,000 prize to cover the cost of her continuing education and for her favorite pastime, which is traveling. Her lucky Lottery retailer, Lombard Liquor & Bar at 1000 West Lombard Street in Baltimore, will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize winning scratch-off.