Waldorf Man Wins Three Top Pick 5 Prizes Months Apart with Same Number

“Big Winner” of Waldorf returned to Lottery headquarters this week to claim another $50,000 Pick 5 prize.

Lucky digits again deliver $50,000 prize on April 13

A “Big Winner” from Charles County discovered the luck never wore off his favorite Pick 5 number, which just gave him his third $50,000 win in 11 months.

The 52-year-old returned to Lottery headquarters this week to claim his latest prize won in the April 13 midday drawing. He had placed a $1 straight bet on the number 48548, the same bet and number that won $100,000 on two tickets he purchased in the May 18, 2022 midday drawing.

“It hit last year and it hit again,” he told Lottery officials. “My wife said, ‘Let’s play this number’ and we keep winning with it.”

He believes that most winners stop playing after their lucky number is drawn and incorrectly think their number will never hit again. “Big Winner,” the nickname he selected to anonymously share the story of his good fortune, said he kept playing since his 2022 win and will keep playing after this latest win.

“I play the Lottery all the time. You never know. You can’t win if you are not in it,” noted “Big Winner.”

The truck driver said he and his wife will probably use the money to take a much-needed vacation. Along with playing Pick 5, “Big Winner” said his hobbies include going to racetracks and playing the Lottery’s Racetrax game.

His lucky Lottery retailer also wins. For selling a $50,000 winning Pick 5 ticket, Big Mouth Beer, Wine and Liquor at 2175 Crain Highway in Waldorf will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.