Washington D.C. Driver Picks Up $50,000 Prize on Way to Work

Washington, D.C. driver “H.B.” made a $50,000-winning stop at a Baltimore 7-Eleven before picking up a passenger.

Driver reveals ‘autowin’ symbol on Money Drop scratch-off

A Washington, D.C. driver who purchased a Money Drop scratch-off while en route to pick up a customer in Baltimore took home a $50,000 payload.

The anonymous player, who is using the initials “H.B.” to share the story of his Lottery luck, was in Baltimore City about to pick up a customer when he stopped to buy a scratch-off.

“H.B.” drives all over Maryland, Virginia and the Washington, D.C. region, occasionally stopping by stores to purchase scratch-offs in each jurisdiction. His visit to the Baltimore 7-Eleven located at 201 North Point Boulevard was well worth his time and gave him his biggest Lottery prize yet.

“I won $20,000 on a scratch-off in Virginia, but it was not $50,000,” he said with a smile.

“H.B.” had a few minutes to spare at the time so he scratched off his $10 instant ticket inside the store. That’s when the player noticed he had the “autowin” symbol with a $50,000 prize listed underneath.

“At first, I didn’t believe it. And I said, ‘Let me look at it again,'” “H.B.” explained.

The winner plans to pay off bills with his prize and might spend the rest on a new vehicle.

The Money Drop scratch-off arrived at Lottery retailers on Dec. 28. There are still six of eight top prizes of $100,000 unclaimed. “H.B.” is the third $50,000 second-tier winner, leaving seven second-tier prizes unclaimed. There are also unclaimed prizes ranging from $10 to $10,000.