$100,000 Prize Comes to Persistent Upper Marlboro Powerball Player

Persistence paid off for an Upper Marlboro man, who played the same sets of numbers for years.

Husband finds success with numbers he has used for years

After playing the same sets of Powerball numbers for years and winning only small prizes, a Prince George’s County man had to wake his wife up on Aug. 20 to share his incredible news.

A self-proclaimed night owl, the 74-year-old was following his Powerball routine and checking the winning numbers for that night’s drawing before going to bed. He pulled up the Aug. 20 winning numbers on his phone and checked his ticket. One by one, his numbers – all but one – and the Powerball matched. Because the Upper Marlboro resident added the Power Play multiplier, his $50,000 prize doubled to $100,000 with the x2 multiplier.

“I remember he came into the bedroom,” said the wife, who recalled they both reacted calmly to their big win. “I said, ‘Oh wow, I am so happy for you.’ He stayed the course. He was persistent.”

The anonymous couple nicknamed themselves “Jay’s Parents” in honor of their dog Jay, a beagle-Jack Russell terrier mix. The husband said his Powerball routine each day involves Jay.

“I get up and take the dog on a two-mile walk and then we ride to the store together,” the husband said. He buys his Powerball ticket at the Lottery retailer and they return home. After winning the $50,000 prize, “Jay’s Parents” were in no rush to claim the windfall. The wife hid the ticket in her jewelry box for months until they claimed the prize Nov. 1 at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

The newfound money, which may help replace windows at their home and put new tires on his vehicle, is going into their bank account for now. Meanwhile, the husband is ready to play Powerball again in hopes of bringing home the estimated $1.5 billion jackpot in the Saturday, Nov. 5, drawing.

The Lottery retailer that sold the $100,000 winning ticket was Royal Farms #166 at 1700 Sansbury Road in Upper Marlboro.