$30,946 Racetrax Win Brings Familiar Face to Lottery Headquarters

Racetrax “longshots” brought this Hyattsville woman and her husband back to the Winner’s Circle to claim a second $30,946 prize.

Same horses, same prize for lucky Hyattsville woman

“It’s the longshots again,” a Prince George’s County woman told Lottery officials on Wednesday when asked what brought her back to the Winner’s Circle at Lottery headquarters. A Racetrax fan, the specialist at a rehabilitation facility visited back in May to pick up a $30,946 prize and here she was again.

It seems that not long after she decided to pick the computer-animated horses with the least chances of winning that they beat those long odds to deliver the big win in May. “I’ve been playing them ever since, once or twice a week” said the Hyattsville resident. The 51-year-old tells us that she had a “feeling” Tuesday morning, one so strong that she spent her lunch break visiting the Sunoco station on Kenilworth Avenue in Hyattsville playing her favorite 11, 10 and 12 Racetrax Trifecta combination for several games.

“When I first bought my ticket, the cashier got the numbers out of order. When I reminded him what I wanted, the numbers stuck in his head, I guess.” She says this because it was he, the cashier, who let her know that her horses had come in. “I wasn’t watching the races, so when he called out, I was shocked. $30,946 again? I started jumping up and down.”

Our repeat Racetrax winner, who for Lottery publicity purposes identified herself with the phrase “Favor Ain’t Fair,” said she and her husband have been in the market for a new home. “This win will make our down payment a little more impressive,” she said.

The owners of Kenilworth Sunoco at 4836 Kenilworth Avenue in Hyattsville also earned a $309.46 bonus from the Lottery. Retailers receive a bonus equal to 1% of the prize for selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more.