31st Birthday a Lucky One for $25,000-Winning Hyattsville Mom

Pick 5 prize will go toward down payment on house

With her 31st birthday fast approaching, a young mom from Hyattsville decided to play a Pick 5 combination reflecting her birthday and her age-to-be. On July 11, her inspiration resulted in a $25,000 payday.

In June, thinking about her July 1 birthday, the Prince George’s County resident decided to play the combination 77131 for a 50-cent straight bet for the weeks on either side of the big day. The double 7 is for July, the 1 for her date of birth and 31 for the age she turned on that date. For the evening drawing on July 11, her combination hit, said her brother-in-law, who visited Maryland Lottery headquarters with her to serve as a translator.

The winner is already mom to a 6-year-old son and has a daughter on the way in a matter of weeks, so the extra money will come in handy. More than likely, it will go toward a down payment for a new house. She is one of six sisters and they all play birthday-related Lottery combinations.

She bought her winning ticket at Ardwick Liquors, which is located at 8307 Ardwick Ardmore Road in Landover. The Prince George’s County store receives a bonus of $250, equal to 1% of the prize, for selling the $25,000-winning Pick 5 ticket.