$50,000 Powerball Win Startles Suitland Retiree

Quick-pick ticket leads to third-tier win in July 27 drawing

A loyal Lottery player who buys tickets to chase growing Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots was on the hunt for a big win in the July 27 Powerball drawing.

The jackpot sat at an estimated $145 million, which inspired the Suitland grandfather of four to buy several tickets from different retailers for the drawing. No one won the jackpot that night and the retired long-distance truck driver didn’t bother to check his collection of tickets until the following week.

The 63-year-old, who plays Lottery games as a hobby, wanted to buy a few tickets for upcoming drawings and visited a nearby retailer. Once there, the Prince George’s County resident followed his routine of scanning tickets from previous drawings using the retailer’s ticket checker. Winning prizes isn’t new to him, the lucky player said, but he had never before seen the message that appeared. He won $50,000!

“I was used to seeing 10 or 50 bucks,” explained the player. “I scanned it and I said, ‘Did I really win $50,000?’ I had to go the car and cool down.” After regaining his composure, the shocked winner went back inside the Lottery retailer to quietly rescan the ticket and confirm the $50,000 prize.

The father of two plans to keep his windfall a secret and surprise family members and friends with gifts and financial assistance. He also plans to keep chasing jackpots and playing his other Lottery games, which include Cash4Life and Pick 5.

The lucky $10 quick-pick ticket that awarded him a third-tier Powerball prize came from Tucker’s Liquors and Restaurant located at 9205 Marlboro Pike in Upper Marlboro. This year, Maryland Powerball players have won 38 $50,000 third-tier prizes.