Dessert-Making Enthusiast Gets a Big Piece of the Lottery Pie with Scratch-Off Win

Brenda Richardson from Baltimore just made life a little sweeter with a $30,000 Bonus Crossword scratch-off win.

Baltimore winner claims $30,000 top-prize on Bonus Crossword ticket

Brenda Richardson is used to smelling sweet aromas as she is known for her pie-baking skills. Now, she also gets to enjoy the sweet, figurative smell of success in the form of a $30,000 top prize from a Bonus Crossword scratch-off ticket.

The Baltimore nurse found her winning ticket at Tobacco Stop located at 1727 Chesaco Ave in Rosedale where she frequently goes to buy her Lottery tickets. After buying the last Bonus Crossword ticket in the book, Brenda nearly left the store and went about the rest of her day. But, before she turned around to leave, she noticed the clerk restocking the tickets. She has a firm belief that the winning scratch-offs are located near the beginning and ends of each book. Holding true to her conviction, she made sure she bought another ticket. That ticket turned out to be the $30,000 winner.

Not wanting to allow her eyes to betray her overwhelming excitement, Brenda asked to borrow someone’s reading glasses so she could make sure she was seeing correctly. Even after taking a second look with reading glasses, the lucky lady still showed the store clerk for further confirmation. Once convinced of her win, the next order of business was to call and share the great news with family.

Brenda Richardson has been a nurse for over 25 years. She plans to use her winnings towards a much-needed new car. When Brenda isn’t at work or playing the Lottery, she can be found in her kitchen whipping up her signature sweet potato pie.

Tobacco Stop wins, too. For selling the $30,000 top-prize winning scratch-off ticket, they will receive a $300 bonus.