$50,000 Win is Perfect Medicine for Owings Mills Nurse Aide

Acting on a superstition put a $50,000-winning scratch-off in Amber Marshall’s path.

Prize will help her with new business

She was on a break during a 16-hour workday when it happened, Amber Marshall of Owings Mills told Lottery officials. A superstition shared by her mom many years ago led to her purchase of a Money Rush scratch-off that hid a $50,000 prize.

Amber gave the credit for her big win to her mother. “It had been a long, crazy day made worse because my hand was itching. It just wouldn’t go away,” said the 28-year-old nurse aide. “I was on a break when I suddenly remembered that my mom once told me that an itchy hand meant money was coming my way. My first thought was the Lottery.”

Luckily, not too far from where she works, is a High’s convenience store. Picking out the $10 Money Rush game, she returned to her car to scratch it. “When I saw the $50,000 match, I was overcome with a feeling of relief,” the Baltimore County woman admitted. “I was so happy that I started crying right there in the parking lot.” A call to her mom with the news produced the same result. “We were both crying.”

Amber will use her Money Rush winnings to take care of a few bills and to help her move forward with a business venture she put on hold because of an expensive hurdle. “Not having the bills to worry about will be nice, but being able to get so much closer to my goal of opening this new business is such a load off of my shoulders.”

The Money Rush instant ticket reached Lottery retailers’ shelves last July with eight $100,000 top prizes and nine $50,000 second-tier prizes. Amber’s winning ticket purchased from High’s #020 at 27 Railroad Avenue in Westminster closes out the $50,000 prizes but there are still two $100,000 top prizes in circulation along with more than 340,000 unclaimed prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.