A Promise Leads to Split of $50,004 Powerball Prize

Carroll County’s Michael Winfield fulfills his promise and splits his $50,004 Powerball prize.

Carroll County co-workers share big win

Michael Winfield of Woodbine runs a construction business, which leaves him very little time for fun and games – including those offered by the Lottery. When the jackpots get big, however, playing Powerball and Mega Millions forces its way onto his schedule. Such was the case in mid-December, when a jackpot approaching half a billion dollars caught his attention.

“I only tend to buy tickets when I notice the jackpots start really climbing,” said the 58-year-old. “Mega Millions was up in the $400 million range, so I stopped at a 7-Eleven on the way home from a work site.” While at 7-Eleven #11590 at 10594 Metropolitan Avenue in Kensington, he bought Mega Millions tickets in hopes of winning a $429 million prize in the Dec. 16 drawing and purchased $10 worth of quick-pick Powerball tickets for the Dec. 17 drawing.

It wasn’t until several days later that Michael learned that Lottery luck had found him. “A co-worker of mine was about to head out to a nearby store to get some lunch. I asked her to check several Lottery tickets I’d had in my wallet while she was there,” he recalled. With no expectation of a win and motivated by gratitude to her for the favor, the Carroll County resident sent her off with, “I’ll split the winnings with you.”

Among the tickets Michael’s friend scanned for him was, of course, the Powerball ticket worth $50,004. “My phone happened to not be working that day, so when she called with the news she couldn’t reach me. When we finally got together at the office she was so excited….and I was just in disbelief.” Asked if he regretted his promise, if he considered keeping the prize, Michael said, “Not for a second. My word is my word.”

With the estimated Powerball jackpot annuity up to $360 million for tonight’s drawing, buying tickets will be on lots of players’ schedules today. The cash option for the Jan. 11 drawing is $188.7 million.