Back-to-Back Wins End with $50,000 Prize for Montgomery County Man

Lucky player finds second-tier prize on $2,000,000 Gold Rush scratch-off

An unusual set of three back-to-back scratch-off wins at a Poolesville business made a Montgomery County resident $50,000 richer recently.

The 64-year-old was traveling past the MOAB Crown gas station at 17700 Elgin Road in Poolesville and stopped in to play scratch-offs, which are his favorite Lottery game. To his surprise, he won $50 on a game and used some of the prize money to keep playing instant tickets.

“The $50 bought the first $30 game,” he said. “I won $30. I said, ‘Give me another one’ and I won 50 grand!”

His $30 instant ticket of choice was the $2,000,000 Gold Rush game, which went on sale in February 2022 with five $2 million top prizes and eight $50,000 second-tier prizes. After the player’s lucky win, the game now has one $50,000 second-tier prize remaining along with one $2 million top prize. More than 250,000 other prizes are still available, too, and range from $30 to $5,000.

No one in the store realized he won because the happy husband didn’t say anything. The winner simply put the lucky scratch-off away and left the Lottery retailer. The loyal player is keeping his win a secret from everyone except his wife and said he plans to put his windfall into the bank for now.