Bakery Driver Exchanges Winning Scratch-off for $50,000 in Lottery Dough

Anne Arundel County resident William Sanchez won a $50,000 Money Explosion prize when he celebrated the end of his workday with a Lottery scratch-off.

Pasadena man claims first $50,000 prize on new $20 Money Explosion game

A bakery driver recently brought home lots of extra dough in the form of a $50,000 Lottery prize. William Sanchez of Pasadena felt his luck rising shortly after he purchased a Money Explosion scratch-off at the end of his daily route. After playing the game, the Anne Arundel County resident was $50,000 richer.

The shocking discovery happened last week when the 47-year-old had just completed a day of bread deliveries for H&S Bakery. William planned to celebrate the end of his shift with a Lottery scratch-off bought at a Pasadena Dash In

“I didn’t see my favorite ticket, so I picked out one of the new ones and scratched it in my bread truck before heading home,” he said.

Soon after he began scratching, William revealed a number that matched the game’s Money Explosion win-all number. That match meant he won all 30 prizes on his scratch-off. After quickly uncovering the rest of the scratch-off, William began tallying up his prizes. There, on his winning ticket, were a series of $50, $100, $1,000 and $5,000 prizes totaling $50,000!

William told Lottery officials that he and his wife can now take a long-awaited trip, thanks to the windfall. The happy couple, married just two years ago, spent their honeymoon funds to buy a home. They plan to visit Japan when travel restrictions ease to see Tokyo and the cherry blossoms.

The $20 Money Explosion game went on sale at Lottery retailers in July. Players can win thousands of prizes ranging from $20 to $1 million, with six $1 million top prizes remaining, seven more unclaimed $50,000 prizes and 100 unclaimed $10,000 prizes. Try your luck at William’s winning Dash In, which is located at 8695 Fort Smallwood Road in Anne Arundel County.