Baltimore Man Scores $71,547 Playing FAST PLAY Baseball-Themed Game

This married father of four is the first to win a progressive jackpot in the FAST PLAY Home Run Riches Bases Loaded game.

Home Run Riches Bases Loaded ticket delivers progressive jackpot

The first Marylander to hit it out of the park by winning a $71,547 progressive jackpot in the FAST PLAY Home Run Riches Bases Loaded game is a Baltimore man.

The anonymous winner, who selected the nickname “Vincent DePaul” for Lottery publicity, bought the $5 ticket on April 14 at Ross Liquors in Baltimore County. “Vincent DePaul” plays Lottery games frequently and could barely contain his excitement.

The lucky player is a huge fan of Racetrax, but he also likes to dabble with other games. The 50-year-old often buys his games at Ross Liquors in Baltimore. After making his purchase, he recites a mantra: “I’m here to make millions.” He has played so regularly at the store for the last year that “Vincent DePaul” and his mantra are well known to store customers.

The married father of four, who is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, hopes to use his prize to build up his credit, pay off debts and purchase a new family car. He also hopes to purchase a truck so that he can reopen his scrap metal business.

When asked how he and his wife plan to celebrate his win, he laughed and said that she’s already made plans to go out to dinner.

The Home Run Riches Bases Loaded game has a progressive jackpot that starts at $40,000 and grows with the sale of each ticket until someone buys a progressive jackpot winner. Additional instant prizes range from $5 to $1,000. This game, which went on sale March 7, has 23 progressive jackpots remaining. All Home Run Riches Bases Loaded tickets are eligible for entry into the second-chance Contestant of the Game promotion.

“Vincent DePaul” isn’t the only one with reason to celebrate. Ross Liquors located at 706 Merritt Boulevard in Baltimore will earn a bonus of $715.47 for selling the progressive jackpot winning ticket. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.