Baltimore Man Wins $30,000 Playing Keno

7-spot ticket with Super Bonus delivers big prize

A Baltimore resident who was out running errands on Oct. 17 is $30,000 richer after the urge came over him to play Keno. The retiree was getting gas in Millersville when he placed a $3 7-spot bet for one game with the added Super Bonus feature.

The big winner said he typically plays jackpot games like Mega Millions and Powerball. But as he was filling his gas tank at the Millersville Crown, he decided to buy a Keno ticket. Rather than sticking around to watch the game play out on the monitor, he put the ticket in his wallet and headed home, so it wasn’t until later that he realized he was holding a $30,000 winner.

The lucky player’s stepdaughter, who accompanied him to claim the prize, said he’s often slow to check his tickets.

“He always forgets,” said his stepdaughter. “He’ll give them to my mom to check.”

And, that’s who discovered that his $3 ticket was a $30,000 winner. The Baltimore man handed his ticket to his wife and she scanned it using the Maryland Lottery app on her phone.

“I still didn’t believe it, even after she showed me,” he said. “I had to call my stepdaughter to come and double check on her phone.”

And just to be sure, the big winner went back to the gas station for a second confirmation. Indeed, all seven of the numbers on his ticket were among the 20 numbers drawn in his game, delivering a base prize of $2,500. But he had also added the Super Bonus, which was a 12 for his game, multiplying his prize to $30,000.

He claimed the prize this week at Lottery Headquarters in Baltimore, and said he hasn’t yet decided what he will do with the winnings.

The Anne Arundel County retailer that sold the winning ticket is feeling pretty lucky, too. Millersville Crown located at 8210 Veterans Highway, receives a Lottery bonus of $300, equal to 1% of the prize, for selling a winning Keno ticket with a prize of $10,000 or more.