Baltimore Retirees Score $100,000 Win on Ravens X5 Scratch-off

Lottery luck gives wife the top-prize winning instant ticket

A Baltimore-area husband-and-wife scratch-off team found a touchdown-worthy $100,000 top-prize win earlier this month on the Ravens X5 scratch-off. They scored on one of five instant tickets the husband bought at a Baltimore grocery.

His strategy for selecting scratch-offs to play is simple, the husband said. “I see something I like, I buy it.” The retirees bought the tickets while visiting Giant #166. Each took a few to play while in the store. The Ravens X5 game went to the wife, who revealed the prize in astonishment.

“I looked at it and I looked at it,” she said, recalling the moment of the big win. Then, very quietly, she whispered to her husband, “I have something to tell you. You won $100,000!”

Wanting to verify the prize amount, the wife took the $5 scratch-off to one of the store clerks for scanning. The clerk did so and saw the message, “Take to Lottery.” She assured the players that they indeed won a very big prize! The husband signed the winning instant ticket in the store and the pair continued with their plans for the day before heading home to put the ticket in a safe place.

The happy husband, who is retired from a career in construction, said his wife is his lucky charm. “I wouldn’t have won anything without her,” he said, smiling.

They plan to keep their $100,000 prize a secret and, initially, will save the funds. “I’m going to sit home and think what I’m going to do,” the husband said, noting that he will spend the money wisely.

As for Giant #166, the store will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off. The lucky Lottery retailer is located at 4622 Wilkens Avenue in Baltimore.

Although the season has ended for the Baltimore Ravens football team, there are still plenty of Ravens X5 scratch-offs in the field. Three additional $100,000 top prizes remain unclaimed, along with five unclaimed $10,000 prizes and more than 450,000 others ranging from $5 to $1,000. There are also two remaining $20,000 top prizes in the $2 Ravens X2 game.