Birthday Scratch-off Purchases Lead to ‘Bonus Blessing’ for Lutherville Family

While “Bonus Blessing” loaded her husband’s birthday gift with scratch-offs, Lady Luck gifted her a $30,000 surprise.

Federal contractor wins $30,000 top prize on Peppermint Payout game

When a Lutherville mother of two spotted a Lottery vending machine during a recent trip to Walmart in Cockeysville, her thoughts turned to her husband’s upcoming birthday.

His special day was approaching, and she typically buys him Lottery games to enjoy. The 39-year-old, who selected the nickname “Bonus Blessing” for her winner story, selected numerous Holiday scratch-offs, including two $3 Peppermint Payout tickets. “Bonus Blessing” included one of the Peppermint Payout games among the tickets she gave to her husband on his birthday and kept the other for herself. His Peppermint Payout ticket didn’t win a big prize but “Bonus Blessing” scratched her way to a $30,000 top-prize win.

“Lo and behold, that was the one,” she said. “Of course, I’ll share all of this with him!”

The lucky lady plans to use some of the prize to enhance the family’s upcoming snow-tubing trip. The rest of the unexpected fortune, she said, will go into savings.

“You never know when you’re going to need it in these crazy times,” she said. “We’ve been very fortunate. This is like a bonus blessing for 2022.”

Also ringing in the New Year with a bonus is Walmart #2577 located at 1 Frankel Way in Cockeysville. The Baltimore County Lottery retailer receives a bonus of $300 from the Lottery for selling a $30,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.

The Peppermint Payout game went on sale in October and six of its $30,000 top prizes remain unclaimed, along with 440 unclaimed $500 prizes. There is still time to enter non-winning holiday scratch-offs into the Lottery’s Holiday Cash Second-Chance Promotion. Players can try to win cash prizes of $2,500 and $25,000. Get information about the promotion and the Jan. 10 entry deadline HERE.