‘Bonus Match 5 King’ from Westminster Claims $150,000 Prize

Bonus Match 5 King” of Westminster played the same combination three times on March 11, winning $150,000.

Carroll County player has his eye on the beach, thanks to Lottery win

He calls himself the “Bonus Match 5 King,” and thanks to his recent $150,000 win, the Westminster man could afford to buy himself a pretty nice crown.

But that’s not what he is planning for his big prize from the March 11 Bonus Match 5 drawing. Upon claiming his prize July 21 at Maryland Lottery headquarters, the “Bonus Match 5 King” said in notes he prepared for the occasion: “Planning to use this blessing for many trips in the future to my favorite getaway, Bethany Beach, Delaware.”

His big win came on March 11 when he stopped by the then-recently opened Royal Farms #323 at 7 Corporate Center Court in Westminster. He played his oft-used Bonus Match 5 combination – 12, 14, 18, 24 and 33 – three times for the same drawing that night. The total ticket cost was $2.

The loyal player checked the ticket using his Lottery smartphone app later that night and got the message “Take to Lottery.” While making his claim, the 54-year-old said he’d long wondered what message would come up when he scanned a winner, “I never knew what message would come up.”

Enthusiastic about Bonus Match 5, he also is a regular Multi-Match player. Asked why he waited from early March when he won until mid-July to claim his prize, “Bonus Match 5 King” said it was a matter of scheduling the time to travel to Baltimore without too much disruption to his daily routine.

Going forward, “Bonus Match 5 King” plans to continue playing his winning combination on his namesake game and buying tickets for Multi-Match in hopes of hitting a jackpot in that game. Although he has played other Lottery games in the past, he sticks with Multi-Match and Bonus Match 5 because he likes the odds relative to the potential prizes.

Sharing in “Bonus Match 5 King’s” good luck is the Royal Farms where he bought the ticket. The Carroll County business receives a bonus of $1,500 for selling the lucky ticket with three top prizes. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.