Bowie Contractor Eyes Retirement after $150,000 Powerball Win

Power Play triples lucky man’s third-tier prize

A Prince George’s County man has worked as a contractor for the past 50 years. Although physical labor is taking a toll on him, he hasn’t considered retirement, at least until now, because he enjoys what he does so much. After scoring a $150,000 Powerball prize, the idea of retirement has become a much easier pill for him to swallow.

The 75-year-old Lottery enthusiast plays the same numbers every time and is actually no stranger to winning big Lottery prizes. The lucky man claimed a $50,000 Bonus Match 5 top prize just a few years ago. This time he played his numbers, which consist of birthdays and random numbers, at Pointer Ridge Liquors located at 1326 Crain Highway in Bowie.

The Bowie resident spent $20 on a ticket for the Oct. 7 drawing, adding the Power Play option to multiply his winnings. The next morning, he checked his ticket using the mobile app on his phone but was still unclear on whether or not he won. The loyal player returned to Pointer Ridge Liquors to scan the ticket and then learned of his $150,000 prize. He had matched four of the while balls plus the Powerball, yielding a $50,000 third-tier win. The Power Play multiplier for the drawing was three, which tripled his prize to $150,000.

Although very excited about his new fortune, the winner remained calm and collected. He showed his wife the amount of his big win and her first question was, “Can you quit working now?” That’s when he started really considering retirement. However, he has no immediate firm plans for his winnings.