Casual Germantown Player Scratches Out $50,000 Lottery Payday

Brother inspires her to play but her instant win outshines his personal best

Her brother is the practiced Maryland Lottery player, but a woman from Germantown showed him how it was done when she won $50,000 on a Money Drop scratch-off.

“He’s won before, but not this amount,” the player said on Feb. 7 when she claimed her prize at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. Her brother’s best score to date was in the $10,000 range.

The winner’s prize grew out of a whimsical moment while she and her brother were at Twinbrook Deli, Beer & Wine at 2208 Veirs Mill Road in Rockville.

“I was just playing around. My brother was buying tickets so I decided to buy one,” she said. The lucky lady bought the $10 Money Drop instant ticket and scratched it while they were still in the store. None of the five “Winning Numbers” matched the group under “Your Numbers,” but she did reveal the symbol of a bank vault over the words “Win All.” In winning all 25 prizes, she scored a total of $50,000 for a second-tier win in the game.

The Montgomery County resident didn’t believe her Lottery luck, so she showed the scratch-off to her brother. She still didn’t believe it, so she asked the store clerk to scan the winning instant ticket. Days later, she told Lottery officials after claiming her prize, “Even today, I was still in doubt.”

Her brother’s reaction to his sister’s good fortune: “He was jealous, and happy for me, too!”

The brother was aware that his sister’s car is in a sorry state, so he told her, “You can get a car now.” Getting a car is exactly what the winner plans to do. Asked if she plans to keep on playing, she said, “Yes, definitely!”

Her $50,000 prize was the first of 10 second-tier prizes available on the Money Drop scratch-off, which carries a top prize of $100,000. In addition to the nine remaining $50,000 prizes, the game has seven of its original eight top prizes still available, along with thousands of other prizes ranging from $10 to $10,000.