Charles County Couple Plays Together, Wins Together

Lifelong Lottery player Samuel Hagy of Indian Head found a big win on a crossword scratch-off.

Lifelong Lottery player wins $50,000 scratch-off prize

After playing Lottery games for years, Samuel Hagy of Indian Head can now describe how it feels to reveal a $50,000 prize on a scratch-off. The lucky player stopped at Lady Liquors in La Plata recently and walked out with a winning $500,000 Crossword scratch-off in his hands.

The avid player and his wife enjoy scratching off Lottery games, Samuel said. He usually stops by a retailer after work to buy games for the two of them to play at home. While sitting and scratching off the winning $500,000 Crossword instant ticket, the 59-year-old became confused over what he revealed. Shock followed. He took the $20 game to his wife because he was sure his eyes was playing tricks on him.

Samuel’s wife immediately opened the Maryland Lottery app on her smartphone and scanned the game’s prize check area. Staring back at her was a $50,000 prize alert. What followed touched the Charles County man’s heart.

“Right after the screen flashed ‘$50,000,’ my wife started to cry because she was so happy. It was amazing,” Samuel said of their big win. The happy husband plans to buy his wife a new car so she can safely drive to Missouri and visit their grandchildren.

The $500,000 Crossword game went on sale in August 2019 and has four $500,000 top prizes remaining. Players can also search for four more unclaimed $50,000 prizes, 13 $10,000 prizes and nearly 400,000 others ranging from $20 to $1,000. Try your luck at any Lottery retailer, including Lady Liquors located at 6470 Crain Highway in Charles County.