College Student Wins Big with Racetrax Longshots

$30,734 prize to help with tuition

He’s a Racetrax fan, the Baltimore County man told Lottery officials, who plays the popular horse-racing simulation once a week or so when the opportunity presents itself. While his frequency of play may vary, the horses he picks never does. “I always go with the longshots,” he said. That routine landed him a $30,734 prize!

The Pikesville resident is studying at a Maryland university and said that Racetrax helps him “get away” from his studies for a few minutes. “School and other stuff keeps me pretty busy.  I need the distraction, sometimes.”

Stopping for gas last month at a Marathon gas station in Baltimore presented the 19-year-old with the opportunity to engage in his favorite pastime. He placed a Trifecta bet for 20 drawings at the Lottery retailer.

“I bought my usual ticket, the 10, 11 and 12 horses,” he said. “Obviously, the longshots are called that for a reason, but they do come through once in a while.”

The loyal player discovered later that day, using his Lottery app, that his unlikely combination of horses had worked their magic. The winner reports moving from disbelief to shock to joy in a matter of seconds when he realized that he’d just won more than $30,000. “I was ecstatic.  My parents were, too, once I convinced them it was real.”

The longshot fan will use his $30,734 Racetrax prize to help pay his tuition. “What a huge help this is for me and for my family.” His happy story started at the Food Mart attached to the Marathon gas station at 7101 Reisterstown Road in Baltimore. Management there will receive a $307.34 bonus from the Lottery for selling a winning Racetrax ticket worth $10,000 or more. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.