Crownsville Man’s $100,000 Scratch-off Prize ‘Takes the Cake’

An attractive scratch-off that caught the eye of a Crownsville player delivered a $100,000 top prize.

Five Money Bag Multiplier top prizes remain after Anne Arundel County win

A Crownsville player was all smiles on June 28 when he claimed a $100,000 scratch-off prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

The 59-year-old weekly player, who chose the nickname “Happy Crownsville” to tell the story of his big win, said he tries his luck with a variety of Lottery games. They include crossword-themed scratch-offs.

“Happy Crownsville” reported he has won “a few dollars here and there, but this prize takes the cake.” He chose the winning $10 Money Bag Multiplier scratch-off at Herald Harbor Inn and Mini Mart in Crownsville because it stood out and caught his eye. “It was the colors and size of the ticket, it was also the last ticket so I brought it,” the player said.

While sitting in his truck, “Happy Crownsville” scratched off the first of two instant tickets he purchased. The first one didn’t show any matching numbers. He scratched the second ticket, which revealed he won the game’s $100,000 top prize.

In disbelief, he quickly drove home to share the big news with his wife. Initially, she thought he was joking but after she saw the scratch-off and matching numbers, she screamed with excitement. They believe the money is a “blessing because it came at the prefect time.”

When asked how he’ll spend his prize, “Happy Crownsville” replied that he will save the windfall and invest it “after I take my wife on a tropical vacation to Hawaii.”

Meanwhile, our winner’s lucky Lottery retailer, Herald Harbor Inn and Mini Mart located at 400 Herald Harbor Road, also bagged a $1,000 bonus for selling a top-prize winning scratch-off. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.

The Money Bag Multiplier game is the fifth most popular scratch-off game in Maryland, according to the Lottery’s Top 40 Scratch-Offs chart. The game went on sale on April 24 with eight top prizes at the $100,000 level. This prize claimed by the Crownsville player reduces the number of unclaimed top prizes to four. The game also has unclaimed prizes ranging from $10 to $50,000.