District Man Still Shaking Two Days After Buying $100,000 Winning Scratch-off

Big score in Landover comes on Lottery’s new big format ticket Mega 7s

A Washington, D.C. resident who bought the new oversized Mega 7s scratch-off was still brimming with excitement two days later when he claimed the game’s first $100,000 top prize.

“I’m still shaking,” he said, showing Lottery officials that his hand was visibly trembling.

A regular Pick 4 player, the 35-year-old only became interested in scratch-offs recently when a friend started winning three- and four-digit prizes. Our $100,000 Mega 7s winner works in Landover and that’s also the location of his lucky Lottery retailer.

The day of his big win, the District man stopped by Ardwick Liquors to buy three of the $10 Mega 7s games. He scratched them off while on a break at his work. The first two instant tickets were not winners. When he revealed the top-prize win on the third scratch-off, the lucky player said he nearly fell to the floor.

Before taking the break that revealed his big win, the player had put in a time-off request for a vacation in Miami, Fla. In addition to having some extra spending money when he goes on that vacation, the lucky man also has a short to-do list for his prize: get a car, pay off some bills and look into setting up his own business.

He isn’t the only one who benefits from the sale of the lucky scratch-off. Ardwick Liquors, located at 8307 Ardwick-Ardmore Road in Landover, receives a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a scratch-off worth $100,000.