Eastern Shore Couple House Hunting after $50,000 Scratch-off Win

Husband claims top prize on $50,000 Cash scratch-off

He may build roads for a living, but a Caroline County man who visited Lottery headquarters last week had no idea that a $20 scratch-off would pave his family’s way to a first home. The $50,000 top-prize winning instant ticket produced by that transaction made sure of that.

He buys Lottery scratch-offs that cost $10 or less twice a week, no more and no less, the asphalt specialist told Lottery officials. The only exception to that rule, he said, occurs if he wins big. “If I win $20 or more, then I may buy a $20 ticket. Not every time, but maybe.”

Happily for the Eastern Shore man – and the convenience store in nearby Greensboro where he found his $50,000 winner – the 41-year-old elected to splurge on this visit. “I cashed in a $20 winning ticket and decided to try one more, a $20 game.” Perusing the store’s selection, he landed on the $50,000 Cash game.

“My very first thought when I saw the prize was, ‘Praise Jesus!’” he said. The winner rushed home to share news of his discovery with his wife. “She couldn’t believe it. She just wouldn’t believe it. There were lots of tears.”

For more than a year, he said, the couple has been working to put together a down payment for a home. “This win makes it possible for us. We can build on this. We’re both very grateful.”

Also celebrating the big win is the management at Greensboro Quick Shop, located at 13760 Greensboro Road. The Caroline County business will receive a $500 bonus for selling the top-prize winning scratch-off.

Winners keep rolling into Lottery headquarters to claim top prizes in the $50,000 Cash game. The game still offers more than 150 $50,000 top prizes, 166 unclaimed $5,000 prizes and more than a million others ranging from $20 to $500.