Elkridge Mom’s Crossword Skills Help Win $50,000 Scratch-off Prize

Howard County resident wins with $500,000 Crossword game  

Nazia Dar of Elkridge, who loves to complete crossword puzzles, saw her hobby pay off when she played a $500,000 Crossword scratch-off. She won $50,000!

The mother of three teenage boys said she is an occasional scratch-off player and purchases an instant ticket once a month if she is in a Lottery retailer. The Howard County resident likes this $20 game because it resembles actual crossword puzzles.

“Solving crossword puzzles is interesting and this scratch-off game is fun, especially with the payout,” Nazia said.

The 43-year-old works for a check-cashing company. She does not have any plans yet for the prize but has some ideas. “I think I am going to go shopping for myself,” she said with a smile.

When not working on crossword puzzles, Nazia enjoys cooking and likes to spend time with her family. “I am looking forward to getting the family together for Thanksgiving,” she added.

KK Financial Services on 8431 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring sold the lucky instant ticket.

The $500,000 Crossword instant ticket went on sale in September 2019. Three of the eight top prizes of $500,000 remain unclaimed. Nazia is the sixth winner of a $50,000 second-tier prize and four prizes remain. There are also eight unclaimed prizes of $10,000 awaiting discovery along with prizes ranging from $20 to $1,000.