Ellicott City Man Brings Home the Cash

Wins $50,000 top prize on $50,000 Cash scratch-off

A scratch-off enthusiast from Howard County credits a special technique for his recent $50,000 brush with good fortune. He won the top prize on the $50,000 Cash scratch-off game.

“I always get tickets at the end of a pack,” he said. “My luck seems to be better that way.”

Apparently, that system works for the Ellicott City player. He previously won $500 on the $50,000 Cash scratch-off and this time, his fortune was even better.

The 63-year-old was enjoying his day off on Monday when he decided to try his luck again with the popular game. He visited Lottery retailer, 103 Wine & Spirits in Elkridge to purchase one of the $20 instant tickets. Following his routine, the loyal player made sure the scratch-off was near the end of the pack. He won $50. Next, he added $10 to his winnings and purchased three more of $50,000 Cash game. Two of the three scratch-offs were winners.

“The first ticket I scratched was for $100, so I was already happy,” he said, smiling. “And the second one, I thought was just $50 until the cashier scanned it.”

The happy player was holding a $50,000 winner, one of the over 150 top prizes in the game.

“This called for a celebration, so I bought a bottle of wine and went home to tell my wife and daughter,” said the winner. Describing himself as a jokester, the winner arrived home and called his daughter to read the instant ticket, already knowing it was a big winner. “She was so excited,” he said.

The bakery supervisor then showed the scratch-off to his wife, who immediately secured the instant ticket and made an appointment for him to claim the prize. He shared with Lottery officials that he plans to use some of the winnings toward a trip to celebrate his daughter’s upcoming high school graduation. He plans to pay bills with the rest of the funds.

Also celebrating this win is 103 Wine & Spirits, located at 6010 Meadowridge Center Drive in Elkridge. The Lottery retailer will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.

There are many more winners to claim on the $50,000 Cash scratch-off. The game that went on sale in December has 158 $50,000 top prizes remaining, 168 unclaimed $5,000 prizes and more than a million others ranging from $20 to $500.