Parkville Man $150,000 Richer by Adding Power Play to Powerball Ticket

Planning a kitchen remodel with his third-tier prize

A Lottery player who always adds the Power Play multiplier feature to his Powerball tickets enjoyed a triple payday this month. His quick-pick ticket, which won a $50,000 third-tier prize in the Jan. 9 drawing, included Power Play and the multiplier that night was x3. The happy Parkville player won $150,000!

The Baltimore County man, who shared his story in the Lottery’s Winner’s Circle room with his wife by his side, said he buys two sets of the same three tickets every week. He plays Multi-Match and Mega Millions in addition to Powerball.

“I buy one set for her and one for me,” said the retiree. He always places the tickets in two separate stacks, then puts them in his pocket with the sets facing each other. The lucky grandfather bought the tickets at Triple A Tobacco, which is located at 7954 Belair Road in Nottingham.

The Powerball drawing came and went on Monday, Jan. 9, without either of them checking the tickets. “I didn’t know until Tuesday morning,” said the husband. He scanned the $3 ticket using the Lottery’s mobile app and saw the message that he won $150,000. “I thought it was $15!”

Confused, he asked his wife to scan the ticket using the Maryland Lottery app on her phone. She confirmed the $150,000 win. No matter how many times they scanned the ticket, they read a message saying he won $150,000! The happy wife took a photo of the front and back of the ticket, and her husband signed it and tacked it to a cork board until they could claim the prize this week.

The $150,000 prize is their biggest to date, overshadowing a $500 win. Most of their prizes have ranged from $5 to $10. They plan to pay off bills with the windfall, give a few nice birthday presents and remodel their kitchen.